... is a total hottie.

Born and raised in Romania, he's is a family-lovin' European-American with a fantastic blend of old-world charm and new-world enthusiasm. (He won MY heart a decade ago, and has kept it ever since.) 'Nuff said.

Currently the senior pastor of two growing churches in the Greater Atlanta area, this guy is my favorite preacher. He's also gifted in teaching, listening, counseling, and affirmation.

He has a killer sense of style, a great eye for detail, fabulous taste in gifts, and a generous spirit. He loves our Little Dude to distraction, too.

Most of all, he's that kind of guy who has the integrity to stand firm in what he believes no matter how people try to change his mind or intimidate his convictions.

And he always makes me laugh.

... is a crawling, toddling, exploring mess. He's sweet, and affectionate and constantly on the go - like any healthy, active boy should be.

He's got eyes that are the biggest brown pools of dark chocolate, a deceptively small mouth (until he laughs, or stuffs it so full of muffin that he looks like a chipmunk), and this amazing natural golden tan. He gets that from his Daddy's side, cause Mama certainly ain't anything but snow white.

He can giggle so that it melts your heart. And cry so that it breaks your heart. And when you're playing hide-and-seek, he sparkles all over.

Yes, I'm biased. But he really is the cutest thing I've ever seen. (Until the next one arrives. Then I'll be doubly biased, I'm sure.)

When you add in that he is a born flirt, has a huge grin, and started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks - the case is closed. It's official. He steals everybody's hearts.

His favorite thing used to be napping right on my chest, drooling all over me while I blog, little cherub lips parted in sweet baby breaths.

These days, he prefers plundering the kitchen tupperware cabinet and playing drums on the pots and pans. That, or staring out the window pointing and chattering unintelligibly about every car that passes.

Sometimes I ponder what kind of man he will become. We don't care what it is, as long as he has a heart for other people and is a man of character and integrity.

... isn't here yet. All we know right now is that he/she is a singleton, and is healthy enough to make mama sick all day long. Every. Single. Day.

Oh yes, and that he/she will be immensely loved.

That's pretty much all we have to go on so far. When we know more, we'll be glad to drop all the he/she clumsiness in favor something at least 50% more specific.

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